Stiga Combi 50 S AE 80V Li-Ion cordless lawn mower

Stiga Combi 50 S AE 80V Li-Ion cordless lawn mower

£649.00 (RRP £719.00)

The Stiga Multiclip 50S AE self-propelled mulching mower is driven by a powerful 80v lithium battery which produces 1.5kW of power. The higher voltage 80v batteries used in the cordless Stiga lawnmowers deliver more power but with a lower battery weight than by just increasing the Ah. The Stiga design has the battery being inserted into the side producing a better weight distribution.

Cordless garden machinery is growing in popularity due to the latest technological innovations in the industry. Battery powered gardening equipment is quieter and more environmentally friendly than its petrol equivalent and there are also no trailing cables so you have freedom of movement around the garden.

The Multiclip 50S AE is a self-propelled cordless mower which has a 48cm rotary cutter blade. Designed with no need for a grass collector the 50S AE is a dedicated mulching lawnmower. When using a mulching mower only cut a third of the grass height at a time to get the best cut and finish on the lawn. Mulching whilst you mow finely minces the grass cuttings into tiny pieces where they are blown back onto the ground, virtually disappearing into the lawn. The mulched cuttings help to add extra nutrients and moisture to the soil for a healthier lawn growth.

Built on a steel chassis the Stiga Multiclip 50S AE has 210mm front and rear wheels with bearings. The single point height of cut adjustment has 5 settings from 31 – 80mm. Start at the highest setting and work down gradually for the best cut.

Model : Multiclip 50S AE
Type : Mulching
Propulsion : Self-propelled
Power Output : 1.5 kW equivalent to 100cc petrol engine
Capacity : 80V 5.0Ah lithium battery
Motor : DigiTorq brushless
Top down cooling fan
Deck Material : Steel
Width of Cut : 48cm
Cutting Heights : 5 settings from 31 - 80mm
Height of Cut Adjustment: Single point
Wheels (Front/Rear) : 210mm with bearings
Handles : Comfort and soft grip
Warranty : 2 years domestic (Terms & Conditions Apply)

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